Start with strategy.

We explore your team's insights and identify your organization’s purpose, goals, tactics, audiences, platforms, and storytelling techniques, all within 2-3 hours. Through interactive exercises and compelling questions offered in our content strategy session, we'll have your team thinking creatively and strategically about your brand messaging. 

Strategic Goals

What are your organization's goals? How will you measure success?

Brand Chemistry

What is the ideal style and tone for your organization's content?

Mission + Messaging

How will you communicate your insights to your audiences?

We start by learning about you.

Before we begin ideating content and developing strategy, we information from your team about your organization's goals, audiences, and success measures. 

Together, we discover your brand identity.

We delve into exercises that  guide future content creation and reveal the transformative effects of your organization. What do users feel before and after interacting with your brand, product, or service?

We develop your content mission.

We understand that your messaging should stem from your organization's values and expertise. We offer recommendations for building content that differentiates you from your competitors and reflects your mission.