Grant Finding is Only Half the Battle

As expert writers, we love researching and writing about our findings, so let us do the digging. Not only do we take the stress of grant finding off your shoulders, we help you determine the best ones to pursue based on your mission, project plans, research initiatives, funding needs, and long-term organizational goals.

Strategic Goals

What are your organization's goals? How will you measure success?


How much do funders award?  How often do opportunities come around?

Mission + Messaging

How will you communicate your goals to funders?

We start by learning about you.

Before we begin our research, we host a kick-off meeting with you to learn about your organization. We complete a comprehensive review of your organization’s grant materials and goals for grant funding and gain a deep understanding of your purpose and the programs that need funding. We take care to identify the costs you want covered and the organizational values that will make you a standout to funders.

We dive into comprehensive research.

Once we understand your funding goals and establish research questions, we study grant opportunities at the local, city, state, and federal levels. How much do they award? When is the next deadline? How often does this opportunity come back around? Who have they funded in the past? What are their funding themes this year? Who is the organization’s point of contact for grant questions?

We discover the best opportunities and offer recommendations for your strategy.

Once our research is complete, we’ll collect our findings and break them down in a comprehensive report that includes the grant history, application timelines, proposal requirements, timing of grant schedule, awarding history, and submission deadlines of each grant opportunity. We meet to walk through the insights and provide recommendations for building a grant strategy that differentiates you from your competitors.